Aug 7, 2013

Who? When? Where??

So, I've been MIA for a while. Not on purpose - but life happens & you just get pulled in different directions all the time. Maverick Cash is now a little over 2yrs old!! Can you believe it? Neither can I. He is such a smart, talented, funny & handsome little boy. And I am one proud momma :)
He is always making me & daddy laugh for one reason or other. 

Life is so hectic & crazy & sometimes it feels as if we are on a roller coaster with no stop.
We get caught up in the details of meaningless things. I think sometimes we let our family get SO consumed with business that it is a sin. I haven't talked to Jesus about this yet, but it has definitely been on my mind.

So, now that Maverick is 2 & getting very aware of his surroundings, I think it's time to really plan our 2014 family vacation :) The mountains, The beach, who cares! 
As long as I have my family of 3 - I'm happy & content. 
Content isn't a word that I would describe anything or anyone these days. We want more..turns into we need more. When we really don't need most of what we already have. 
I'm guilty. But I am trying to be more aware of what my family & I actually need :)
I think there is a lot to say about living a simple life. 

Anyway, to be completely random - have you seen Longmire?!
We are in the middle of Season 2 & I have to say it is one of our favorite TV shows.
There is something about a widowed cowboy sheriff along with his best friend, Henry Standing Bear, living in the wild country of Wyoming that sets the scene for a great tv series :)

Jan 3, 2013

Christmas Time Has Come & Gone...

So, Christmas was quickly approaching and even though I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE Christmastime it 
didn't feel much like Christmas this year. Maybe because of our awesome Arkansas weather which stayed in the 60's & then finally dropped at Christmas and then snowed on Christmas Day! LOL

Maverick didn't have any idea what was going on, but he had a much better 2nd Christmas this year than his 1st. So, that made momma happy :) Of course we were all blessed with too many presents & ate WAY to much food, but nothing gives me more joy than having our traditional "non-traditional" family meal & just being with people that are "home" to me... my family, we actually love each other.. it's such a fading concept these days.

I'm very proud to announce that we have 3 new additions
 to our family this year : Shonda, Madison & Macen.
These girls have won over Casey's heart & ours and I'm very happy for Casey & Shonda and the new life they're starting together <3 p="p">

Next year Maverick will know all about Christmas & Santa and I'm sure that we'll be naming our own "Elf On The Shelf"', but he will also know that it's Jesus' birthday & HE truly is the reason for this wondrous season!

I love you all & I hope the New Year brings you Great Things!
"Santa" was sampling some goodies.......
.....but he mostly relaxed on Christmas Day in his red suit and new house shoes :)

All the Kids... Madi Page, Madi Shell, Maverick, Macen & Alexia <3>

Nov 7, 2012

Catching Up!!

Ok, so I'm really not sure where all of my time has gone!! I have neglected my blog!
So, I'm going to post some pictures of our little man... who isn't so little anymore :)
He is learning so much & doing new things every single day!!

Here are some pics from this fall - Enjoy!

Biddy-boy's 1st trip to deer camp!

1st time to the pumpkin patch!

Our 1st trip to Cabelas :)

Halloween 2012 - Betty, Barney & Bam-Bam Rubble :) 

Of course, Bam-Bam didn't smile... he was ready to get in the floor & play with the other kids :)

Is there a common thread with these pictures???? Maverick isn't smiling for pictures anymore!! LOL He is such a goober, and not smiling on purpose - if we just had these 
little moments on video....but it's memories, right!? 

Jul 17, 2012

Mmmmm....SummerTime :)

Every year around this time, we get to makin' pies!
We normally make a mess of apple pies (about 6 at a time) and freeze them for a later date. We start with homemade crust & start peelin' the apples that we've picked... it's not for the light hearted, it's 
pretty hard work! LOL 
Last night we started with our peaches :) My sweet husband was my sexy peach peeler, LOL
This is what we got... but I didn't get a picture of the final product... I really have no idea why! ha ha

Jul 6, 2012

Fun! Fun!

So - - we broke down and bought a pool (which we have been longing for - for a long time!)
Here are some pics of MC helping us fill it up with water - he loves the water!

Getting tickled LOL He cracks himself up

Before there was any water - he was kissing the pool...ha ha!!

Jun 21, 2012

My how time flies...

I can't believe I haven't posted anything since Easter!! I would try to fill you in on what has happened, but it I'm not sure I can remember :) As of right now, Amanda & Brodie are back in the USA for a visit & we are happy they are here!! Brodie spent the night with us last Friday night & I had forgotten how much fun we all had together - you should have seen Maverick with him, totally captivated, he didn't go to bed until 10:30pm & didn't even want to then! He just wanted to be with his cousin.. so sweet!

Apr 10, 2012

Easter...Again :)

I know I've already posted 2 separate times about Easter this year! LOL So, what's one more :)-
I've got new pictures of our niece & nephew from Easter! 

Sydnie Bug :)

Looking for Easter eggs!!  

And here is our Brodie-Bear in Italy after he got our Easter package in the mail :)

I didn't have any pictures of Alexia & Madison from this year - but they are precious too!! <3

Apr 9, 2012

Easter 2012

This Easter was BUSY!
We had a very busy weekend with lots of people with love, Maverick & I both got our hair done, & the boys are trying to live through their allergies. . . but we did manage to get one good family photo :)
Maverick wasn't feelin' so hott & just wouldn't smile for the camera <3

Apr 3, 2012

"The World"

My in-laws have some land with nothing but woods & wildlife.
Ever since they have owned this property, Brodie has called it "The World".
It was funny at first - but then you actually think about it. 
We drive down to this little piece of country heaven... there aren't stores or gas stations, there isn't traffic, there aren't any wide open fields... It is like a different "world". So, Brodie is right!

Well, this past weekend we took Maverick to "the world" along with his new red wagon. It was a BIG hit!

I can't help but put a picture in black & white :)

Mar 30, 2012

Easter Time Is Near!

Last weekend we had a "mini" photo 
shoot for Maverick's Easter pictures!
Raychel Book, the owner of  Exposed Photography did a wonderful 
job & Maverick really showed off for her :)

Cheesing it up, BIG TiME! :)

He was looking up at his daddy <3

One of my favorites - He was checking out the bunny's food!

 Sweet Baby